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Newport Services (UK) LTD (NPS), incorporated in London since 2009. We were one of the first fully authorised financial businesses in the UK, to be granted licenses to provide payment services to our customers. By utilizing cutting-edge software, the company is able to offer fast and affordable Money Services Business to its customers worldwide, whilst retaining the highest levels of safety and security. We are proud to say that every year, our customers entrust us with billion pound funds without losing a penny.


NPS works with a host of international banks and licensed financial institutions. Over the years, we’ve built a worldwide Money Services Business network that enables us to transfer funds to every corner of world seamlessly, safely and on time, to your designated bank account.


In keeping with ever-increasing globalisation, our customers, both individual and corporate, are in constant pursuit of overseas development opportunities. Naturally, this means that currency exchange and international payments are becoming an increasingly essential part of day-to-day business. So we have dedicated ourselves to offering the fastest and safest financial services for our global clients.  Utilising our highly streamlined software, we can offer a highly efficient one-stop service for foreign currency purchase, cross-border payments, compliance checks and foreign exchange.

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) and Prudential Regulatory Authority(PRA)are the regulators of the financial industry in the United Kingdom. As one of the most respected and sound financial service regulators in the World, the UK financial regulatory authorities are known for their high access threshold in financial market, strict compliance with regulations and strict penalties for financial institutions violating laws.


Newport Services (UK) Limited has been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry operations in the UK and EEA, with a certificate issued by the UK HMRC. We are proud to say our company is one of the first European institutions to be granted with international payment service permission in Britain and Europe.


The company has kept within strict compliance with the requirements of the law and regulators since its establishment. It has an excellent record of supervision with the UK regulatory bodies and works with them to report any suspicions of unlawful activity that enter into the networks.



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